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Australia's premium surface tolerant corrosion solution

Since 2009, Oxifree has been providing leading corrosion solutions for the mining, marine, offshore oil and gas, petrochemical, industrial and heavy industry, and manufacturing industries around the world.

In 2020 MSB Total Solutions became the proud sole Australian distributor of this innovative and game-changing product for primarily the power and mining industries.

Our team of local specialists are well trained and experienced in utilising Oxifree in a variety of applications for the control of corrosion and wear control.

The primary Oxifree product is Oxifree TM198, a thermoplastic coating for the protection of metallic components. TM198 works by being melted down from a solid resin and is professionally applied to provide 100% protection against corrosion and contamination.

Please contact the team at the Crowleys Lane Mudgee Office for more information.

Key benefits of Oxifree

No downtime during application (no shutdown required) 

Environmentally friendly, organic product

Easily removed for inspection or NDT inspection through coating

Built in corrosion inhibitors

Savings to both operational and capital expenditure

Reduces equipment and process downtime

Solves asset life extension challenges faced by industry allowing our clients to allocate capital resources elsewhere

Arrests all types of corrosion and contamination

Minimal surface preparation required providing protection immediately

Protects complex components including those with moving parts

Flexible application allowing application in humid environments  

Contact For More Information

Please contact the team at the Crowleys Lane Mudgee Office for more information on Oxifree, Fabrication, Wear Control and Corrosion Control services.

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